From diagnostics to repair we do it all. We only use top quality parts and components from top of the line suppliers. 

In order for your car to get the power to the ground your transmission needs to be able to handle the pressure. Here at Chucks Auto we provide Service and replacement of your automatic or manual transmission. Our fluids and filters are from the top suppliers. 

In your manual transmission the clutch maintains the connection from your engine. A worn clutch can leave you stranded in a bad spot dont leave yourself hanging. Our clutches are manufactured with premium friction material that will keep you rolling for many years to come.

Your engine is a precise operating machine. For proper operation many conditions must be met. A tune up is the best way to make sure that it is going to continue to run efficiently and maintain optimum power and torque when you need it. Here at Chucks Auto we only use premium grade parts from our suppliers to obtain the highest standards in your service.

Your brakes are by far the most important parts of your car. Here at Chucks Auto we want to make sure you and your passengers are safe while travelling to your destination. Worn brakes are dangerous. We only use premium brake bads, shoes, rotors, and drums. Not to mention your brake fluid which needs to be fresh and clean for proper operation. Come on by and get a free brake inspection.

Your radiator, water pump, and thermostat are integral parts of your vehicle. When your engine running the combustion creates a lot of heat. The radiator keeps the engine from reaching temperatures that can damage it. Cylinder heads can warp or crack, gaskets can blow, and leave you stranded. Keep your cooling system in tip top shape here at Chucks Auto, where we only use OE recommended coolants and replacement parts.